Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Setting the scene.

My boyfriend, N, and I have been together for just over 3 (fabulous) years, we have lived in our beautiful home for just over 2 years, we are very, very happy with our lives!

Back at Christmas time I started suggesting that I would like a puppy, for most that is not unusual, but everyone that knows me was truly shocked when I said this. I have never been much of a pet/animal lover! I am by no means a hater or a harmer, but I never got the kissing, gushing, treating them as children and speaking to them in baby voices?!

Anyway, I suggested that I would like a puppy......you see we had started to get more healthy and fit and this included a walk each evening. I very quickly realised what a stunning part of the world we lived in - we are 3 streets from the beach, a 5 minute stroll, we have beautiful parks and walks and general beauty all around. The PERFECT playground for a dog!

Having shocked everyone that I know - and myself - with my admission I let it go for a few weeks. I waited until the walk at night was no longer a chore - it was just what we did and then I broached the subject again. My boyfriend said that he was more of a cat person!! I pointed out that we could not take a cat out on our walks - he agreed. Again I left the subject alone and gave him some time to think things over....... He agreed a puppy would be great, but we had to wait until we had been our holiday and until summer!
We very quickly agreed that we would love a Westie and started looking for a breeder and got ourselves on a waiting list!

Bista was born on 10th May 2009 and she came home with us on Friday 26th June 2009. I have a feeling that our house will never be the same again!!!