Thursday, 30 July 2009

We are walking!

Finally Bista is able to gt outside and investigate the big bad world. Sunday was the day that her little world dramatically increased in size.
We decided to take her in the car to a local park with lots of space to get her used to the lead and the harness.

She was totally fine with them both and was so curious about everything that she encountered. She drank from every puddle that she passed, she chased every leaf that blew past and she tried to talk to everyone that she noticed!

Since then I have been taking her a quick walk around the block each morning and my bf and I have been taking her onto the beach each night. We are going to continue with this for another week or so and then introduce somewhere new!

The best part for me is not having to lock her in her cage every time we head out somewhere, as she can now come along too!

Friday, 17 July 2009

A quick recap.

Well what a busy week the last one has been! What with work (sales) and another family moving in with us (my bf's sister, husband and 2 year old son) there has just been no time to update poor little Bista's blog!

So, what has happened since last time?? So much, for a start she is even cuter than she was a week ago, her personality has gotten even bigger, she has found her voice and she can now go down stairs (well when she remembers that she can).

Bista has now been living with us for 3 weeks and she really has settled so well into our routine - she is amazing. The sleeping is much better, she is now going to bed earlier at night (well 15-20 minutes earlier) and she is sleeping until about 6.30am. She is growing so much each day and now really is starting to get the look of a real Westie! And already she knows the drill regarding the cage.

We use the cage at night when she sleeps and all day when we are out at work. She is now heading to the cage in the morning (without a struggle or any whining) as she sees me get my bag etc together. She knows that no fuss gets rewarded with a treat. As far as we know she sleeps most of the time when we are out, but she is awake when my bf comes home at lunchtime (the house alarm wakes her). She gets out to the toilet, plays for a bit, has lunch, plays some more while my bf has lunch and then goes back in for the afternoon.

She gets her 10 week injections on Monday and then 7 days after that she can get out into the big bad world and then the fun really begins.......

Monday, 6 July 2009

We got a chewer.......

Oh yes we did!!

We are really hoping that her little teeth are going to be coming out soon and she is chewing as she is in pain - not because she just likes to chew stuff! But you see I do not have a load of luck and I think she is just going to chew!
On a plus note all the chewing is making me be a tidier person as I am way too scared to leave anything lying around (especially shoes).

Please do not worry, I am not a bad puppy mummy, she does have a hole manner of chew things but she prefers dirty socks, my Fitflops, a hair clip, the dining table leg and the radiator pipe!!

YES the radiator pipe!! If she is still a chewer come winter she is in for a shock!

Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A little shut eye.

Before bringing Bista home we had decided that she was going to sleep in a cage and be there (until she is fully trained) while we are out without her. I have no issues with the cage or it being cruel, as I feel that it giver her somewhere that is just her place. We have made it all nice for her with soft and snuggly fleece blankets, some toys and of course Puppy Pads!

We took a LOT of time deciding where to position the cage and in the end settled on the kitchen - from there she can get to every room on the downstairs of our house and most importantly the floor is easily washable!

So, Friday night we brought Bista home and introduced her to her cage straight away! It went well, she had a sniff about, ruffled the blanket a bit and lay down - for about 1 minute!!!

We put it down to having so many new things to see! But 5 days later and it turns out that she just prefers the sofa!!
The training continues.......