Wednesday, 1 July 2009

A little shut eye.

Before bringing Bista home we had decided that she was going to sleep in a cage and be there (until she is fully trained) while we are out without her. I have no issues with the cage or it being cruel, as I feel that it giver her somewhere that is just her place. We have made it all nice for her with soft and snuggly fleece blankets, some toys and of course Puppy Pads!

We took a LOT of time deciding where to position the cage and in the end settled on the kitchen - from there she can get to every room on the downstairs of our house and most importantly the floor is easily washable!

So, Friday night we brought Bista home and introduced her to her cage straight away! It went well, she had a sniff about, ruffled the blanket a bit and lay down - for about 1 minute!!!

We put it down to having so many new things to see! But 5 days later and it turns out that she just prefers the sofa!!
The training continues.......

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