Friday, 17 July 2009

A quick recap.

Well what a busy week the last one has been! What with work (sales) and another family moving in with us (my bf's sister, husband and 2 year old son) there has just been no time to update poor little Bista's blog!

So, what has happened since last time?? So much, for a start she is even cuter than she was a week ago, her personality has gotten even bigger, she has found her voice and she can now go down stairs (well when she remembers that she can).

Bista has now been living with us for 3 weeks and she really has settled so well into our routine - she is amazing. The sleeping is much better, she is now going to bed earlier at night (well 15-20 minutes earlier) and she is sleeping until about 6.30am. She is growing so much each day and now really is starting to get the look of a real Westie! And already she knows the drill regarding the cage.

We use the cage at night when she sleeps and all day when we are out at work. She is now heading to the cage in the morning (without a struggle or any whining) as she sees me get my bag etc together. She knows that no fuss gets rewarded with a treat. As far as we know she sleeps most of the time when we are out, but she is awake when my bf comes home at lunchtime (the house alarm wakes her). She gets out to the toilet, plays for a bit, has lunch, plays some more while my bf has lunch and then goes back in for the afternoon.

She gets her 10 week injections on Monday and then 7 days after that she can get out into the big bad world and then the fun really begins.......

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